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Business Lines

Project Development

Project development is a key component for successful outcome. Therefore, one of the main business directions of Energy Solutions is project development, which Includes identification of the projects on initial stages, executing necessary studies, fund raising and leading the project’s day to day management for achieving  successful accomplishment

Consultancy Service

Main directions of Energy Solutions in hydro energy business is consultancy services, which includes full technical, financial and legal support, market and assets analyses, including determination of new project opportunities and optimization of existing hydro power plants


Energy Solutions has nine years of experience in hydro energy business. During this time, the company has developed business direction such as management of under construction and/or ongoing projects, as well as efficient management of operating stations


Among the business lines of the company Energy Solutions is maintenance, which means the implementation of repair works, technical support of the project both once and in the medium and long term

Electricity Trading

Electricity trading is carried out by Trading solutions - a subsidiary company of Energy Solutions, with five years experience

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